A short-term uptrend turnaround! What need is... (Day 2)

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(USDT 1D chart)

( USDC 1D chart)

( BTC .D 1D chart)

(USDT.D 1D chart)


In order to turn into an uptrend, the price must maintain the price above the HA-Low line and above the MS-Signal indicator.

To do so, the price needs to stay above the minimum trend-based Fibonacci extension point of 1.27 (16984.9).

If the MS-Signal indicator shows to hold the price above 17170.0 if possible until it turns into an uptrend, I would expect a reversal to the upside.

If the price of BTC falls below 16422.6, the price move can be considered a failure.

What is required for this movement is, above all, that the coin market must have good money flow .

If not, there is a possibility that it will be a one-time rise.

You can roughly see the flow of funds by looking at the USDT and USDC charts.

Currently, USDT is trending sideways and USDC is trending lower.

It is thought that the increase in the price of the coin market in this flow of funds is likely to be an increase to withdraw funds that have not escaped.

To dispel these doubts, USDT dominance should show signs of declining to around 7.27.

This is because the decline in USDT dominance is likely to lead to an uptrend in the coin market.

If the gap rises with USDT and USDC continue to emerge as the USDT dominance declines, I think the coin market will successfully turn to the uptrend.

If the money in the coin market is concentrated towards BTC , the possibility of leading the coin market to rise increases.

The reason is that it currently sits in the 39.56-40.44 zone, which is likely to generate large volatility .

Therefore, since ETH led the rise and raised the BTC price to an area where it is highly likely to turn upside down, BTC should now lead the uptrend.

Therefore, BTC dominance should show an upward movement above 40 .44.

The next period of volatility is around December 10th.

(1h chart)
The circled zones on the chart are important support and resistance zones.

If the price is maintained above the M-Signal line of the 1D chart and above 17170.0, the main position is 'LONG'.

Therefore, a quick response is required when entering the 'SHORT' position.

The key is whether it can be supported by the M-Signal line on the 1D chart and rise above 17170.0.

If not, it is necessary to touch the HA-Low line point above 16580.6 and near the 5EMA line on the 1D chart and see if it can rise.

If support fails and falls below 16422.6, there is a possibility of a sharp decline as it will reverse this rise.

If the price rises above 17170.0 and holds the price,
1st: 17670.0
2nd : 18374.1-18741.7
It is expected to show an upward trend in the vicinity.

At this time, what is needed to continue the upward trend is that new funds must be shown entering the coin market.

If it falls below 16422.6 and encounters resistance,
1st: 15908.2
2nd: 15328.7
3nd: 14824.3
need to make sure that you are supported nearby.


- big picture
I think you need to be supported in the 13K-15K section to get the power to rise.

Therefore, whether it is rising or falling from its current position, a short-term response is required.

A full-fledged uptrend is expected to start when it rises above 29K .

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** All descriptions are for reference only and do not guarantee profit or loss in investment.

** If you share this chart, you can use the indicators normally.

** The MRHAB-T indicator includes indicators that indicate points of support and resistance .

** SR_R_C indicators are displayed as StochRSI (line), RSI (columns), and CCI (bgcolor).
** The CCI indicator is displayed in the overbought section ( CCI > +100) and oversold section ( CCI < -100).

(Short-term Stop Loss can be said to be a point where profit or loss can be preserved or additional entry can be made by split trading. This is a short-term investment perspective.)

(NAS100USD + DXY + XAUUSD 1D Chart)
On the NAS100USD chart, the key is whether it can be supported and rise in the 11942.9-12119.2 section.

If it encounters resistance at 104.738 on the DXY chart, a sharp decline is likely.

If there is support at 1780.619 on the XAUUSD chart, a surge is likely.

DXY and XAUUSD are good when they fall, and NAS100USD is good when they rise.
(USDT 1D chart)

(USDC 1D chart)
USDC rise < fall
Volatility Advisory Issued!!!
(BTCUSD INDEX 1W chart on TradingView)
Ready! Time to refuel and fire.
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