$btg #BTG BTG - long, but caution as it's past 'sweetspot'

HITBTC:BTGUSD   Bitcoin Gold / U.S. Dollar
Bitcoin Gold , a fork on Bitcoin , is a cryptocurrency with Bitcoin fundamentals, mined on common GPUs instead of specialty ASICs. BTG has had a stellar outbreak to the upside, passing the 162.8% fib extension level, and then the 261.8% level. It's made new high three times in a row, with the latest high around 115.35. If price can push above around 107.34 then this will indicate bullish continuation in the short-term, while a drop below around 97.88 will mean that a larger correction to the downside is in the cards. Please follow BradtNom, leave a comment or link to your own ideas! Charts are for information purposes only. Not trade suggestions. DYOR (Do your own research) - act responsibly with your money.