BINANCE:BTGUSD   Bitcoin Gold / U.S. Dollar
As I wrote before - BTG is forgotten but now the eyes are also looking at him. It's still cheap Bitcoin :) I think it's the alt season, it's not a one-time pump. It will go higher and if you want you can catch it and fly. Remember, risk is always there and these are just my thoughts. $ 100 is close and it's not over. Good luck
Trade active: we have $ 100. Good news supports this. A bank in Brazil invests BTG as digital gold. They hope that others will follow them. BTG quickly moved from 110 to 62 in the marketcup. Will it fulfill its role? Will it be digital gold? If so, the value will grow a lot from now on.
Trade active: If there is still an uptrend and BTC does not correct, BTG should reach the following levels soon. We now have a flag pattern. It accumulates between $ 100 and $ 70. We are waiting for a breakthrough and a new local peak.1 target 135$ next 200$;] Good luck


Thanks for sharing, i’d rather love your work mate🔥
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Btg pumped cuz of dump ppls 🤣 check Cointelegraph....