Top 5 Altcoins To Profit From In April 2019

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Happy Saturday, how are you doing today?
I am wishing you an amazing weekend.

In the past few months, we have been looking at a staggering big amount of different opportunities that have been developing within the cryptocurrency markets. I become very, very active during the bear market giving you literally hundreds of different options for you to profit from.

I shared trades for almost all major and minor altcoins (at their bottom and lowest), which are now all generating massive profits. We saw some altcoins generate as little as 20-50% on average while others generated from 200-300%, and more opportunities continue to show up and develop all day long.

These are too many to mention but if you want proof, I've put together a post where you can find some of my recent results. You can see it here (scroll down):
With that out of the way, I would like to share with you 5 altcoins that can easily but securely double your money in April 2019, so if you are interested, allow me to entertain you and make sure to follow me... and hit LIKE.

BitTorrent (BTTBTC)

We got BitTorrent from the beginning and earned over 130% profits on round 1, then the retrace came and it has been consolidating for long. With this phase almost over, BitTorrent is getting ready for another run.

We trade passively, easy, with patience; long term.
Focus on future profits to come.

BitTorrent is an altcoin with which you can easily double up, meaning you can earn 100%+ profits on more when it starts its next run.

Patience is key is what I always say... So if you have it, you too can profit from this trade:
BUY: 19-21



(1) 24
(2) 28
(3) 31
(4) 35
(5) 39
(6) 41
(7) 45
(8) 52
(9) 57
(10) 62

STOP LOSS: Close daily candle below 16 satoshis.


TRON is a favorite for many but I haven't been posting a lot about it lately, why?

Our full trade for TRON (TRXBTC) was shared back in September 2018, we generated over 190% profits with more to come. We shared this one giving you a buy in at the bottom (lowest price possible). After such big gains, you can expect the retrace to last quite long.

Here is the old trade:
Now I am seeing that it is almost over, this retrace, so you can prepare to double up once again.

For this trade I kept the profits potential small, but the truth is that TRON has the potential to double your money next month.

Here you can find my last TRXBTC trade:
BUY: 0.00000590 – 0.00000635
(Avg. buy-in: 0.00000630)


(1) 0.00000670
(2) 0.00000745
(3) 0.00000840
(4) 0.00000950

STOP LOSS: Close daily candle below 0.00000550.

Ravencoin (RVNBTC), OMG & SNT

Ravencoin (RVNBTC) is giving us a great clue as to where the altcoins market is heading. It went up and broke its October 2018 all-time high, and our trade generated over 240% profits... You can see it here:
The interesting part about RVNBTC is that it continues going up, if the altcoins market where to move back down this, and other altcoins, would be losing value fast after such a strong run. Instead, they continue generating profits and they are looking better as time goes on.

With such bullish action, you can start aiming higher and for longer term.
Since the entire market is linked, you can expect other altcoins to have similar bullish action.

Ravencoin is not one that I recommended to choose now for a double up trade, why? Because it already had a great run.
It is still profitable and has long term potential but we have better choices, altcoins that are at the bottom and will soon start to move up.

SOMN is a better option for long term gains.

Buy in: 0.00000500 – 0.00000550


(1) 0.00000600
(2) 0.00000690
(3) 0.00000810
(4) 0.00000880
(5) 0.00001000
(6) 0.00001200

Stop loss: Close daily candle below 0.00000480.

OMGBTC and SNTBTC, these are two quick choices which you can use to buy and wait.

Buy in: 0.000330 – 0.000350


(1) 0.000430
(2) 0.000450
(3) 0.000470
(4) 0.000560
(5) 0.000630
(6) 0.000740

Stop loss: Close weekly candle below 0.000290.

I keep repeating, patience is key... But you need to trust yourself if you really want to succeed.

I actually wanted to keep this post quick and short, I have lots of work to do...

But you can be sure that I will be giving you soon many more choices for you to be entertained, to learn, to profit from.

So stay tuned, we are only warming up.

As I mentioned at the beginning of 2019, The Cryptocurrency Market will grow to heights that are hard to believe... That doesn't really matter, as long as you buy, hold and profit on the way up with me.


Focus is good. Being focused on what you want can be great.

It is amazing to follow your dreams, but desire can get in your way.

Selfless works is what is needed.

Forget always about the results.

Just keep doing what you promised, and everything else will be solved.

Bitcoin Weekly + Altcoins Market Update
S&P 500 Index Crash (Final Warning)
IOCBTC (+84%)

BATBTC (+55%)

OMGBTC (+39%)

ADABTC (+52%)

XEMBTC (+18%)
Just a few hours ago I sent a notification about Polymath (POLYBTC) and it goes for 38%+ profits...ENJOY!

POLYBTC (+38%)
VETBTC (+38%)
POWRBTC (+41%)
Binance Coin (BNB) & Binance Altcoins Already On A Bull Run

Binance Coin (BNBUSDT) vs Tether (+87%)
ARDRBTC (+102%)
Dow Jones (DJI) Hidden Bearish Divergence (Crash Ahead)
DATA (DTABTC) First Huobi Analysis by Alan Masters.

I hope you enjoy it.

See it here:

You can live in whatever way you wish.

You can think of anything that you want.

You can be all that you have ever dreamed of.

You can have everything that you have always desired.

Be sure that you can live this life in any way you want it.


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