BINANCE:BTTUSDT   BitTorrent / TetherUS
This BitTorrent coin is crazy, isn't it?

My entry (green) was insane itself xD , but what can I lose? A few dollars, it's worth the fun!

Today will be defeated $0.01!

Target $0.1 minimum :D !!!

Pure gambling..
Comment: The larger and longer the accumulation above 0.01, the better.

We will see what whales bring us.

Daily volume increases.
Comment: Stop Loss hited, but nice profit.

Now iam in game again, but I cant recommend it, its too risky :).


0.1? Right now it's like 0.011, only
liborbtc HelloWorld736
@HelloWorld736, Leave it time. 0.01 was the first milestone and I don't think it will drop back slightly below 0.01. Now I have a stop loss at 0.00999, a beautiful profit already there and I intend to hold. We'll see where we fly..
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hell yeahhh!