NYSE:BWA   BorgWarner Inc
Large trade in the medium term (1-2 years). Since 2014, the security has been in a downtrend, wave 4 is forming in the form of a large falling triangle, which can be seen if we apply the TF = 1W time frame. The patterns that it has formed (Cup and Resistance) indicate the expected breakout of the upper edge of this falling triangle (white slanted line on the chart). The first target for the Cup pattern is $ 51.28, and the second target of $ 57.50 resulting from the breakout of the resistance level (Resistance) will give the target for the breakout of this upper edge of the falling triangle (see upper large yellow circle). The breakout and retest of the upper edge gives growth targets to the previous all-time high of $ 67.59, while growth is usually very fast and strong, so many usually miss this entry point, and from there further up to the target of 72.38, which is a medium-term in the range of 1 year. From there, the further development of the 5th wave will begin, which can be very long and last for years. It is possible to add a position on each of the targets, on each drawdown - calmly average.