CELR/USDT *Big Short* Coming

BINANCE:CELRUSDT   Celer Network / TetherUS
Hello guys this is Madop here.

I am just a nobody that now have had enough profit and experience to get myself comfortable who LOVES cryptocurrency for changing my life around
I have been using trading view for a long time since I started trading cryptocurrency and I think it's about time I give something back to this community.

Since I never paid a dime to use the chart and indicators, this is my payback :)

As cheap as I may sound... (I admit I am yes haha) I am super aware when I am putting my money down for a trade, and today I came across a coin that is currently making me above 100% profit and it is going
to be A LOT more so I figured why not share and give back to the community and may be even save some people.

Today we are looking at CELR/USDT (Celer network)
*Note* I am not saying this network is bad or anything but the chart is looking horrific...

As we all know there is no magic indicator or for sure way to know the direction of chart but with few researches, it can definitely give you a good insight where it might go

here are some :::FACTS:::

1. Ridiculously Big Divergence.

As you can see in the chart, that divergence is insane... I mean... I literally dont know what more I can say what you see is what you get...
If you don't know divergence that well, look it up, it is super easy to understand.

2. History Don't Lie.

So when the coin is pumping to the moon without a good foundation such as development news and "people talking" about it, it is a BIG no no for me... and should be the same with you.

Last time it pumped about 9500pip, It plummeted down to 8500...
This is pumped above 9500pip... what would come next?? 8500? or even more?

3. Watch out for a pump without foundation.

So I did some research on this coin and nothing was big enough news that could cause this current pump and so as the pump as year. Like a ghost 0.0
and it was around same time as last year this pump is happening again...

For my conclusion, I am sure your thinking the same after telling you what I have found out,
I wish you guys another great year of trading and remember to trade safely!

Happy trading guys :)