FTX:CELUSD   Celsius Token / USD
While the storm is behind us for now, i will take a bit time to make some education about "trends" behaviours.

So look at at Celsius Project :

- You can notice in the trend the regularity of Higher High and Lower Low... very harmonious and never too twitchy.

- Always bouncing on his support trend

- When you see a Trend acting like that, you can be sure that the project is not manipulated by anyone.

- Of course Celsius follows theKing because Theking is theKing! but his run his Healthy and not suspicious.

i will compare it with another coin to show you the difference between a normal trend and non sense trend.

Happy TraDing !
Comment: So here you can see PundiX, i am sorry if some peoples love this coin to take it as exemple but many coins are in that case.

Do you think the Trend his normal ? i let you think!

Comment: Feel free to comment and be subjective! we are here to learn !

Happy Tr4Ding !!
Comment: This my older analyse about PundiX. it reached but it was pure Gambling...
feel free to check it :

Comment: beautifull Celsius!