$CHR/BTC 4h (Binance Spot) Falling wedge near breakout

Chromia has formed a bullish pattern and looks ready to break-it, but we may see a last pull-back to 100EMA first.

Current Price= 0.00000871
Buy Entry= 0.00000838 - 0.00000806
Take Profit= 0.00000926 | 0.00001012 | 0.00001132
Stop Loss= 0.00000739

Risk/Reward= 1:1.25 | 1:2.29 | 1:3.73
Expected Profit= +12.65% | +23.11% | +37.71%
Possible Loss= -10.10%

Fib. Retracement= 0.618 | 0.893 | 1.272
Margin Leverage= 1x | 2x
Estimated Gain-time= 2 weeks
Trade active: First entry filled

Chromia dipped to demand zone and bounced back as expected, break-out is confirmed!

Trade closed: target reached: TP1 reached with +12.65% (1x) and +1.25R

Chromia legged up almost hitting 2nd target, missed by 1 sat (0.10%), that was very close!
Up to +45.98% if you traded it on Margin using 2x, that a pretty nice and fast result 💪🏼
Still looks good for bullish continuation after that pull-back, SL moved to lowest entry (0.00000806).

Trade closed: target reached: TP2 reached with +23.11% (1x) and +2.29R

Chromia dipped more and retested demand zone before bouncing back stronger again!
PC bot closed the remaining position as mentioned it would on prior message, up to +30.17% profit if you stuck to original SL.

Always manage risk accordingly and respect leverage!

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