✳️ Chiliz | Simple Signals & Genius Level Explained (525% Pot)

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BINANCE:CHZBTC   Chiliz / Bitcoin
These are simple signals.

➖ Chiliz moved above EMA100 in June 2022 and this leads to a bullish wave.
Supported by a rising RSI.

➖ Chiliz is again moving above EMA100 today and this can definitely lead to a new bullish wave.
This move is supported by a very strong RSI and rising volume.

The big difference between December 2023 and June 2022 is the major low.

As CHZBTC is coming out of a major low, growth potential is so much higher, stronger.
The bigger the correction or the stronger the bearish phase is, the proceeding bullish phase potential also becomes higher. This is because all the weak hands have been removed. This is because all doubters are gone. This is because there are no sellers left. Whoever is left standing is here for the long-term. With such a strong base, the next bullish phase can be really strong in order to balance the down wave.

So we have a major lower low. I also showed you some pairs where we have a higher low.
These pairs are normally referred to as being stronger, the ones with the higher lows and this is true in some sense, but when it comes to growth potential, those that hit bottom or hit new lows can grow faster due to the reasons mentioned above.

I like the look on this chart.
Coming out of a major low... Once we hit bottom, the only place left to go is up!

If you are having a trying moment in your life, know that the best is yet to come.
Study hard, work hard, be persistent, keep on trying, over and over, never give up and try again... Invest in yourself, invest in your tools, eat natural clean foods, exercise and life will take care of the rest.

Just build a positive mindset and focus on what you need to do now, take care of what can be done today.
Those things that cannot change, that you cannot affect forget them... Take care of the simple stuff and as you grow new experiences will show up.

We have to earn $1 dollar first before getting to $1 million bucks.
We have to learn the basics, before we get to trade like pros.

The same dynamic we saw with Lisk (LSKBTC), happened on the Chiliz (CHZBTC) chart, one final "stop-loss hunt event", which is a major bullish signal.

For the details you can visit the LSKBTC trade idea.

In short, now that this signal is in we can expect a massive bullish wave to develop.

Think of it as a failed signal; CHZBTC tried to move lower but instead a strong reversal happened, we can expect growth for months.


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