✳️ Wanchain New ATL Can Lead To 2,400%+ Bullish Wave

BINANCE:WANBTC   Wanchain / Bitcoin
Wanchain is another Altcoin that hit a new All-Time low vs Bitcoin (WANBTC) in December 2023, its lowest price in more than 5 years.

We are talking about, witnessing the biggest bear market in the history of these projects. Actually, these projects know nothing other than red, negative, down long-term. But not everything is bad news, we can extract the positive out of this situation.

Out of new All-Time Lows, we can expect massive growth.
Take Solana as an example. It went through a massive correction to do its connection with FTX. When the market turned bullish, it produced one of the strongest bullish waves from the big capitalization projects, it managed to climb the TOP list and reach #4.

➖ Once we hit bottom, the only place left to go is up.

A quick glance at the Wanchain chart shows massive potential for growth.

We can be conservative and say that 1,070% is possible which is more than 11X. Or we can be real knowing that Cryptocurrency is wild and highly volatile and appreciate that growth can double the above number, more than 2,450%. After more than 5 years of red, the green phase should be something out of the norm. Something big...


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