NASDAQ:CLOV   Clover Health Investments, Corp
Institutional call flow sentiment is overwhelmingly bullish . Falling wedge after an explosive gap up is playing out as expected.

Stock is still highly shorted with 36.6% short float or in other terms 41,270,000 shares out of 112,780,000 total shares. $CLOV’s heyday is yet to come.
Comment: EDIT: New short info states that there is now a 43.26% short float AKA 48,790,000 shares out of 12,780,000 total shares


Whats your target price
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20 eow next week !!! bullish
48 million out of 12 million total shares?
MichaelScarn4 MichaelScarn4
Oh never mind I see you just left out a 1
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