CLVS - Cure for the market cancer!

NASDAQ:CLVS   Clovis Oncology, Inc
This company is going to be huge.
Fundamentally :
It's already passing the Phase 3 ARIEL4 study.
Revenue has been beaten in last quarter report. (although there was a small overestimate for the profit(loss) per share)

The MACD indicator is bouncing back (also the price is pushing through the Moving Averages).
Price is now in the channel (2 thick red dot lines).
It's rebouncing from the resistance(green line coming from the bottom).
RSI + MF looking good!
Divergance indicator is saying it's going to rise!

Remember : not financial advise, just see what's going to happen.
Use fundamentals to find a stock, use technicals to find moment to buy it.

Good luck!
Comment: I didn't mentioned... Phase 3 ARIEL4 study is for the new treatment for the cancer (and many others unfortunate things close to human being). Hedge funds shorting it are even more immoral than ever before.
Comment: "Fundamentals: CLVS has one of only 4 PARP inhibitors and the only one not controlled by big pharma. Rubraca consistently pushes out great results and continues to gain traction in multiple applications. It is the only PARPi that is associated with a liquid biopsy (foundation one) which means no medical procedure required. It also is a pill form and requires less monitoring intervals which means less doctor visits. All of this with superior safety and efficacy profiles.

Stock set up: The MM's have been shorting the stock below 5's for 2 years creating bagholders. The stock will on occasion rally on a catalyst. Recently with the conclusion of a few test results and the short % being front and center the float has been bought up. A mini squeeze happened a few days ago forcing Goldman Sachs to reiterate their ridiculous $5 target. The float is low, the borrowing costs are high and the short% is around 40%.

Outlook: Clvs has multiple drugs in combo trials with BMY and one test concluded in January and results to be released by BMY at a health conference.
Lucitinib is also in multiple trials and at least one with BMY. The data has to this point been positive. FAP 2286 peptide targeted radionuclide imaging and target therapy began ph1 trials and could be the first of it's kind. Clvs will be taken out and the only question is when and how much.

I'm not a financial advisor and as always do your own DD but I love the stock."