10 cents by Christmas?

There is a 'circlejerk' around this stock. Investors are wearing multiple pairs of rose-coloured glasses despite seeing facts that the company isn't as pristine as they would like to believe. When dissenting opinions, facts, and figures are shared, there is an automatic claim that the person is a 'bear.' They would rather block the user than to hear the information and to dissect the information and critically refute it. They literally had a post on the Facebook group suggesting this:

Read the following reports, and more importantly, the comments:

No company is perfect, and especially a start-up (even if the start-up is ten years old), but to ignore facts and figures as an investor is dangerous. Ask yourself "what would it take for me to believe this company is a fraud?" then answer the question. If you cannot answer that question about every company you invest in than you are looking to get swindled and tricked.

While reading the analysis, the facts, and whatnot, pay attention to the investors. When investors only talk about the good, even when there are negative aspects present, one should be worried. Read the Reddit, Discord, and Facebook page.


Another interesting webpage is called "ESG FIRE AT 40" run by Filip Erhardt at Filip will post a lot of information regarding CMC , but never comments on the negative aspects. You can notice his opinion on every post under the subheading "ESGFIRE comment".

It's also important to note that CMC investors are far from normal. They apparently never sell, and always 'buy the dip'. If they aren't lying, then that means they are so overly leveraged and not risk-averse that a run downhill would cause their entire portfolios to collapse, which might cause a fire sale when they start taking off their rose-tinted shades.

My last analysis on CMC was a short position in March and I predicted “$0.7 @ March 31” and “$1.5 - 3 for late-2021, early-2022.” It hit its high of $1.6 in July. That boat has sailed and won’t be seen again.

Overall, while there MAY be potential in Cielo, the company is surrounded by such delusional investors that the price is so overly saturated that a massive correction is an inevitable. I predict by Christmas, but it may be sooner, may be a bit later. But it will happen, that I’m sure of.
Comment: Price @ $0.3

Going down faster than I thought. Hopefully the life rafts aren't all gone.
Comment: Price @ 0.270

Looks like this is the general support line. If it penetrates it will be a quick slipn'slide but seems like the dumbasses have finally woken up to the birds singing and the vultures circling.
Comment: So it is Christmas, and alas the stock never hit 10 cents. It's been at a support of $0.21 for a while now, so perhaps that is the perceived fair value of this titanic.

A lot of the Facebook group, Discord, and other SeekingAlpha comments have started to open their eyes. Plenty still remain circlejerking themselves, but it's good to see not everyone declared bankruptcy.

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