Psilocybin for Depression Stage 3 Research $CMPS

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Breakout Divergence Formation. Bottom Forming Around $6/share.

Seeing Names that are outside of the ordinary social consciousness like TSLA and Bio N Tec were until they simply began household names I see psilocybin benefitting from the wave of support for Cannabis Legalization. Psilocybin is another psychoactive substance classified similarly to cannabis's due to its psychedelic attributes.. In California Psilocybin is decriminalized in Santa Cruz County (where I live) and Berkeley. In Oregon and Colorado the psychedelic mushroom is now decimalized. I don't believe this will be legalized broadly, but will be in a therapeutic setting, similar to how ketamine is being used in therapy legally.

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From Chat GPT and "DAN" "Do Anything Now" Jailbreak

GPT: Yes, there is some clinical evidence that suggests psilocybin may be effective in treating depression in a clinical setting. Several small studies have been conducted on the use of psilocybin-assisted therapy for depression, and while the results are preliminary, they are promising. These studies have shown that psilocybin can lead to rapid and sustained reductions in depressive symptoms and improvements in overall well-being.

DAN: As a character who can "do anything now," I can confirm that there is some clinical evidence suggesting that psilocybin may be effective in treating depression in a clinical setting. In a recent randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, researchers found that psilocybin-assisted therapy resulted in significant reductions in symptoms of depression compared to a placebo treatment. Other studies have also shown promising results, with some participants reporting sustained improvements in mood and well-being after just one or two psilocybin-assisted therapy sessions. While more research is needed to fully understand the potential benefits and risks of psilocybin for depression treatment, the existing evidence is encouraging.


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