Crucial Moment For COIN $290 PT

NASDAQ:COIN   Coinbase Global, Inc
Current Price $223.94 Price Target $290
Option- VEGA (vol) making the options too expensive for my liking. Therefor I will be buying just shares.

Coinbase has a first mover advantage that really has helped them build out their customers and continue to grow those customers by focusing on security, Coinbase is one of the only major crypto exchanges to never be hacked. The security of Coinbase makes it a favorite of institutional investors. They plan to sell cybersecurity services tailored to blockchain and crypto . COIN is coming out with a rewards credit card through a partnership with Visa. Coin is not just a crypto exchange, its a growing company trading at only 23x FWD PE, which is about the same multiple being applied to the S&P 500 . Im long shares !


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