$CSLR Turn Around Play

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NASDAQ:CSLR   Complete Solaria, Inc.
CSLR I have been long this for about 2 weeks adding along the way. This is a complete turn around play as there is a new CEO, COO and management team appointed. They have managed to renegotiated debt structure, most for equity swaps.

This is one of my rare situations that I have not set a stop as this could be a wild ride. So far, on average I'm up over 50% on averages up shares. I will be looking to add on just about any pullback.

My idea your money, do the research to see if the risk meets your trading style.

CSLR Link to investor page for your research. I think this could be a 200% to 1000% gainer over the next year or two. Just my thoughts.
Here is a better link for all press releases showing how this can play out T.J. Rogers has turned around several companies and is the only reason CSLR was able to get debt swaps. it is a big deal, IMO.
CSLR What a thing of Beauty... This is up around 75% "today." I don't know if we will get one, but I am looking for a pullback to add to my position.
Correction, up 58% today.
It may be too early to tell but it looks like CSLR is starting to consolidate between the areas of support and resistance on this chart. If you are interested in this one you have to have a wide stop, if any. On Friday it had a 40% swing from low to high. I added additional shares @ 1.25. I now have a 2/3 size position. Again, this one is highly speculative and could easily fail.
CSLR Getting some nice consolidation here between what looks like a support and resistance area. You could call this both a VCP (Volatility Contraction Pattern) and / or a Pennant. Either way I like what it is doing here. If it works it's way higher I will look to add. If lower, I plan on holding my position as is. All TBD.
CSLR is continuing to consolidate nicely here. VCP / Pennant pattern still in tact.
I am planning to add more, I have a 3/4 sized position in this now, if this breaks to the upside without the price rejection candles. In other words Need to start closing at the high of the candle. All TBD.

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