Cortex (CTXC) - Bullish divergence

** Risky, low market capital $40m **

Happy with the risk? Then read on..

On the above 2-day chart price action has corrected an astonishing 80% since early April. A number of reasons now exist to be bullish , including:

1) Price action prints a higher low on past resistance. Look left.

2) Regular bullish divergence . Six oscillators (purple circles) are currently printing bullish divergence with price action. Look left!

3) Volume . I know not what or why but volume has been pouring into this low market project over the year. Someone knows something I don’t, follow the money.

4) The 6-day CTXC / BTC chart (below).

4a) “Incredible buy” signal is printed with following higher low.

4b) Price action breaks out of 3.3 years of resistance!

4c) 8 oscillators are currently printing regular bullish divergence with price action. On this time scale that’s huge.

Is it possible price action falls further? Sure.

Is it probable? Unlikely.

Good luck!


6-day CTXC/ BTC chart
Trade active: Support on past resistance confirmed.
Comment: Breakout!! 75% in 9 days.

No sell signal at this time.

Comment: PS: If looking to enter a long position then look for support around 30 cents. On the 4hr and 8hr charts price action has moved way outside the Bollinger Band. Look left, enter trade when the mean (black line) is tested again as it will inevitably do.

Comment: 250% !!

Price action is way outside the Bollinger Band on the daily now. Way way out. Don't FOMO, which is what we're now seeing.

Comment: 2-day chart prints 'great sell', look left

Trade active

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