CVNA is running out of Covid Fuel - Short-

NYSE:CVNA   Carvana Co
Looks as though CVNA has exited its channel up and has now turned into a down trend. Covid has made this one way over valued, no doubt CVNA will they have a good showing come earnings but I think this one has ran out of the Covid fuel its been using to get to these levels. CEO's dad, Majority Shareholder and convicted felon has been selling shares left and right through all this getting rich on a company that is not profitable and way over valued. I see CVNA dipping to the low to mid $260's before earnings , a earnings beat with a
small 6-8% pop to move it close to the top of the new downtrend channel but after that there's is no stopping this high flyer from dropping back under $200! Get your $horts ready boys, its about to be $ummer time!

- This is not investment advice, its only my novice opinion and if you follow this without doing your own research you are in fact a degenerate.