DASHUSD: Up 80% + in 13 days:Time to raise stops/watch this flag

We were so lucky to get filled at 305 back on November 10th
just an hour or two after the last Dash forecast went live
and trade is still live and going well, so far.
But it could be fading here, it's falling away from the top of
the flag and needs buyers to push higher and trigger the next
addition to longs. If we see this the stop on all positions can
be raised to just under the upper parallel at the point of
break out.
If at any point buyers fade away and sellers are able to drive
price below the lower parallel all longs must be closed out as
quickly as possible to trap in 240 points of gains, up 80% in 13
days so far. Bitcoin eat your heart out.
Trade active: Dash This looks set to be a star of the weekend: it's poised to break on the upside (which doesn't mean it can't fail here, still) but everything looks good so far and has the right look - two strikes on lower parallel of the flag still means hot. So any break above the upper parallel should be followed with stops left a good few points under the parallel(below 550). Want to see a big green candle develop on the upside break if we get it, to know it's got the momentum behind it that it should attract once the break is achieved
Comment: Raise stop to just under 580 now
Trade active: DASH Update
The breakout is steady if unspectacular...need to be careful now as momentum isn't great here. Can use the littel dynamic support emerging as useful exit for day traders long here. If it loses that line it will begin to unravel for a while. So swing traders long from 305 can use it too as exit, depending on risk profile
Trade active: Nice litttle pulse of buying is making this go well so far this weekend...this and bitcoin are the stars so far whilst Eth struggles at the breakout. dash will consolidate some here but unless day trading long pull traders can stay long.
Comment: As predicted Dash has turned out to be the star of the day so far with 15% gains compared to bitcoin's paltry 5% gains and Eth going nowhere slowly, again as the chart was telling us...we stay long here
Trade active: Please put a limit order on this Dash long at 666 and let's see if it gets hit this weekend. Super aggressive bears can try shorting from just above here with stops above the all time high at 670 if we see it.
There's parallel impulse wave supporting today's move which day traders can use to exit any longs...will unravel a little if it loses the lower parallel
Comment: Dash Update
After losing the power of the parallels Dash has drifted and looks like it could move towards the nearest dynamic underpinning the move today before it kicks on again. Day traders can use the blue lines to play between in the meantime