EASY123 Prediction @MYX DATAPRP

Prediction: Trend Reversal (Price stood above & support above Bull-bear divider, break 1.73 to rally.)
Target Price: R1=1.88-1.91, R2=2.20-2.22, R3=2.38-2.44
Support/Cut Loss: S1=1.40-1.37, S2=1.11-1.10

Signals & Analysis:
*Candle has turned from Red to Blue color on 08-Jul, an indication of a trend reversal.
*Price crossed above the Bull-Bear Divider (Redline) & turn the resistance become support.
*After the rallies, the consecutive correction contraction was observed.
*Heat volume signal detected on 6/7-Jul, indication present of "Big Player"

Signal's Interpretation:
ENTRY Signal:-
*Blue-Candle = Market at Uptrend sentiment.
*Candle color changed from RED to BLUE & Candle closed "ABOVE" the Bull/Bear Divider (Redline).
*🔶BT-Yellow-Diamond = Bottom reversal signal.
*🔵🟢🟡Blue/Green/Yellow-Dot = U-Turn entry point signal.
*🔔Yellow-Bell (on top of the candle) = Strong momentum, potential rally actions.
*🔼White-triangle = Strong momentum exists, potential rally action.

EXIT Signal:-
*Red-Candle = Market at Downtrend sentiment.
*Candle color changed from BLUE to RED & Candle closed "BELOW" the Bull/Bear Divider (Redline)
*🔴🔵Red/Blue-Dot (on top of the candle) = Potentially a Top signal.

*Disclaimer: This is not a Buy or Sell suggestion but solely sharing the information...Trade at your own risk.
*Preference Strategy: Swing trading (Follow the ENTRY/EXIT Signal respectively).
*Reminder TP & CL is an individual preference & decision. No fixed rules or guidelines for it.

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