Dentacoin (DCN) & coming x3 Boom

HITBTC:DCNUSDT   Dentacoin / Tether
Hello traders,
As per dcn holder requests, looking at the waves structure here, price might ended the recent dip and price might bottomed especially when count the last dip in 5 waves structure so price might continue to go up and if the current move is in wave 3 and extended then might see as minimum X3 from current price near 0.00005 levels. Also looking to the other chart this token was fallen sharply and the current rise is nothing compared to the fall. so the journey to higher levels is just started and usually tough at the beginning before you see it happening.

the only invalidation here is to go back again and break all times low which is to me not reasonable since there is no more zeros left to count ;-)

good luck
Trade active: hey DCN holders,
here you is met as expected (x3 times).however, looking at the 3rd wave structure it looks like to me its missing some legs so I am revising the waves count to match with the current price and imo price rising might continue for a new higher levels.
good luck

Comment: The targets are met and as per dcn holders request we might do another new chart post with a new opportunity.