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After Elon's "Go F yourself" to woke blackmail con-artist and hypocritical arrogant prick Bob Iger, I really was just curious how Disney was actually doing from a purely technical perspective.

Disney's chart is looking shockingly bearish long-term. Shorter term (like over the next several weeks) it does look like we will hit $100+ before collapsing further, but once that price is hit, it looks like a Disney-like happy ending is NOT in store here unless something big changes fast. And so far Bob Iger and co. have proven to the public that they are actually hell-bent on destroying the company while attempting to make it look as though they have the best interest of the public in mind. This type of narrative, as you know, has been played on repeat ad-nauseam by lame stream legacy media since the Covid plandemic. To be frank, it's nothing more than pure gaslighting. But will it work? In some cases, yes. In other cases, maybe, In Disney's case, the charts are saying no. Actually, the charts are saying "HELL NO"!

For the sake of brevity, I will not go into everything I am seeing on this chart. I really only want to highlight some of the most important indicators which really make up less than 20% of the bearish indicators that I have spotted overall.

First of all, on the main chart I am posting you will see one red ascending trendline which started in 2009. If you have been following me for any length of time, you'll know that I have traced this same trendline on many of the chart (if not most) of our predominantly indicative macro-market leaders (i.e. - SPY, DJI, Nasdaq, DXY, FAANG stocks, energy, oil, regional banks, etc.). This trendline, IMO, is the predominant indication showing whether a stock remains a part of the secular bull market, which by the way, we have never exited since 2009, not even the COVID glitch in the matrix could take us there. Except until now. Enter Disney.

For the first time, not that I follow the rigged U.S. stock market that closely, a major company has dipped below that all important trendline. And it wasn't simply a dip of the toes in the water type of drop. No sir. It looks like Disney has preformed a canonball splash of a 600 pound sumo wrestler. It has absolutely decimated any magical hope of those fairy tale dreamers that may insanely still be holding for the storybook ending here and it looks as though it will continue to do so.

Could Disney be a leading indicator of what will happen to the rest of the companies who follow the same strategy as Disney? I think it may and so it is worth adding to your list of observation.

Now, zooming in to the shorter-term perspective, you will note that we have been moving up most-recently. Yes, the market can be irrational as I have observed and alluded to in my post numerous time before. But here we are. And actually, Disney is not looking bad for a short-term long trade to around the $100-$104 price target. But after that? I would want to short the sh** out of this thing. Longer term target down would be anywhere from $67-$60 somewhere around mid-2024.

May all of your SHORT dreams come true!
Apologies on the commentary folks. It was graciously pointed out to me by one of my followers that the mean-spirited commentary was not appreciated. I can accept that. While I am not fond of Mr. Igor, his strategy or his tactics, I don't need to join the spirit of animosity that seems to have pervaded our society today. There are a lot of fingers that can be pointed in blame in that regards but I will always have four of them pointing back at me while doing so. I don't want that reputation. I am reminded again to be the change that I want to see. Many of you have chosen to follow me because I have attempted to remain level-headed, logical, and reasonable. My opinions on Mr. Igor don't necessarily fall into that category and for that I am sorry.

Though I can't delete or edit the post here on Tradingview, I hope you know that I'll attempt to do better in the future.


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