TVC:DJI   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
5 min head and shoulders pattern forming.
1 hour trend is down.
The DXY is gaining strength up over 0.42% on the day (30/11/18) 17.42pm GMT .
Looking to hit Thursday's Low.
The idea is that you wait until it is expensive enough to sell, (sell into strength. Buy into weakness)

I have moved my stops on both the DXY and DJI trades. DXY in profit and some profit locked in.
The DJI is at break even, considering the Fundamentals that are going to take place this weekend with Trump and China.
I'm taking a cautious approach to these ideas and not leaving any risk on the table.
Comment: It will probably test the uptrend-line before it struggles to push higher or tank.
Comment: It appears that the downtrendline is still in effect (10:45 Am GMT)