BRACE! Wall street (DJI) in trouble.

I review some of the potential moves on DJI and probabilities (not predictions) ahead. Importantly price has violently punched down through a daily investor zone. The weekly and daily time frames create probabilities for the south on lower time frames. This is both an opportunity and risk. Have a look and get ready.

Disclaimer: As usual if you lose your own money, kindly sue yourself.
Comment: The recent pump seen on 1h chart above is due to delayed tariffs on China. It amounts to $156 Billion instead of the full figure of $300 Billion. The DJI jumped 604 points in 1 hour. 523 of those points were in 25 minutes! Then price hit a 'wall' (resistance) at just under 26400.

AUD, NZD, USD, JPY currencies were affected. Oil went north. Gold and Silver went south. BTC and ETH went south. Yes - all of that caused by this news.

What's next? I don't have a crystal ball! Probabilities arising from the ATR trend on the 8H time frame suggest price is likely to move south (but could go north a bit more).

Comment: The markets are filled with zillions of events that may determine price, some bigger than others. Traders and investors attach there own value to each of these. It accounts for minor fluctuations i.e. some people think/believe that their favoured event may move markets just so much to make a profit for themselves. That's fine if they do.

The market is a voting machine of sorts, made up of numerous people and events. It is impossible to know which of these events will come at which time and cause a major move.

What is real is the trend. Price is a fiction! Quote me on that!
Comment: 317 pt plunge on DJI on the weekend - no recovery. This is not looking good at all for the bulls!

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