Get Ready! Market Crash!!!

TVC:DJI   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
Market Crash is imminent. March 11. This is what the corrupt criminals running DC have been praying for, so there is absolutely no reason to think this scenario will not play itself out. What are they doing to stimulate the economy? Anything? Nope, the exact opposite. Prepare for the worst because it will probably be much worse than you thought. Look at the chart closely, the Dow literally has boxed itself into a corner with no where left to go but sideways or down and all indicators point to down. Like right now, this very minute. If it does find any support, it will only be temporary. Watch for the top blue line support, once this line fails this market is finished and my guess is for a very long time.
Comment: Update:
This chart is now outdated.
As a result of today's price surge, I am updating this chart with one that will be more informative and accurate.