DJ:DJI   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
After looking at the 08 crash , I extrapolated the percentage loss and applied it the 25,000 peak double top seen in 2018 - this is not really based that much on fundamentals 1. nike beat earning popped 7% dropped then followed the general pattern of the market)
- some could argue that a bigger percentage loss is possible , due to corporate debt mainly,

After looking at some support and resistances , blue is monthly , red is weekly, ( no point doing daily or lower in my opinion) I was curious where the Dow should find support:
As the Dow is made up of 30 stocks I had a brief look at each stock , charts are available under my user name ( once again daily support did not matter)

1.Many stocks in the Dow have had a similar parabolic movement up , therefore it is hard to accurate gauge where historical support should emerge
Take for example BA ( Boeing ) the Dow's biggest weighted stock at 9% , where is the historical support for it , I have no case with the VPVR, or history to say where the stock should be
2. Some stocks like Apple really grew in the last 10 years so that stock is hard to find historical support
2a. Apple is the biggest , sorry was the biggest company by market cap and did report fairly good results all things considered and still got slaughtered . when the top dog stock, which is growing in services, reporting good sales numbers ( not amazing but still) has $250 billion in spare cash, goes from $225 to $144 , what does that say about other stocks.
3. Certain stocks in the Dow mainly financials are very vulnerable to any negative change in market sentiment or fundamentals
4. MCD and PG seemed to be the stocks which held up best during 08
5. The energy situation is very different to 08 CVX AND XOM face a different climate
6. Some stocks like CVX and XOM are trading below where the peak was in 08.