Will Doge see a top in November... we will certainly find out.

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With Doge breaking out as it has the last two times, and the previous run upon breakout lasting ~40 days, with run if we take November as the top month, this run would last up to ~55 days by the end of the month; it could happen at 40 days or sooner or after 55 days, who knows, but it has the potential. The duration of this consolidation period has already far outlasted the last, so who knows how quick the rise will be in comparison to the last. The reason I am bringing up November as the final top month is because of my linked BTC analysis, and given Doge has made all of its recent highs right along with BTC this year, we could expect this to be a likely outcome. Whenever BTC tops, Doge will top; things could extend as late as early summer of 2020.