DOGECOIN Correction Over ?!

BINANCE:DOGEUSDT   Dogecoin / TetherUS
As I was saying in my last analysis, DOGE needs to be calm and do correct but this was delayed due to the thirst of buyers for Elon Musk fans.

Don't rush and wait for more correct and buy in a safe zone I think the correction is not over and it can go as far as I determined to buy !
DON'T forget we have strong support at 0.4 and you can set your stop loss below it too !
Set your buy order around 0.48 If you are in a hurry

Drop some feedback below in the comment!
Thanks for your attention 🙏!
Trade well, ❤️
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navid97 behrouzbabaei1980
Thank you for sharing this value
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@AlkalineFX thanks for your comment !
Hello thanks for the analysis, did you buy from 0.433 ?
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navid97 Jokerm17
@Jokerm17, Yes men I bought it at 42and 41
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Jokerm17 navid97
@navid97, thanks for ur opinion
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Doge fell because of a "hustle" (obviously) joke? What is wrong with people? :O
navid97 infophotospirit
@infophotospirit, As it goes up by tweeting a photo, it is not surprising that it goes down with a joke !
thanks man. Will it still comeback to the previous buy zone? 0.4300 to 0.4000