1st EVER NOOB Wyckoff idea, please comment if your knowledgeable

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I, Captain PieCard, from FOMO Fleet 420. After realizing I FOMO'd into everything I do, I decided I should devote all free time to firing up the ol brain and attempting to study the Wyckoff method.. This is the best I could do after countless hours of being distracted and just staring at charts. These red, and green, flickering lights do amazing things for the ADHD. I have an idea and this is it, please comment with helpful criticism. Or something funny. I think we could be in the first leg up of the downtrend, the PS, preliminary support. I just realized I should look at volume , but we will carry on. If volume is increasing and price spread widens, could be a signal the down move may be coming to end. Another fork to this idea is we already went thru the PS and are in phase C. Everything is labled pretty clearly i believe. I put sale climax and basement together...goes along with the domed house chart, i cant recall the exact name; just more for me to keep an eye on and to look into. If i knew what i was doing i would buy in the basement area, or, watch what it does as far as closing the daily above the support lines for a few days? Also maybe divergence on RSI and Price. AND its in a good buy area on the RSI . I was just going to observe but I really want to FOMO in and buy more the more i think about it. Maybe IDK, I'm totally a NOOB. What do you all think, please lmk!! Plus Dots probably here for the long run so that makes me feel better! Captain PieCard out


I hate to toot my own horn but gosh damn!!