NYSE:EL   Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. (The)
Today I got sent a lot of positive vibes about the methods I've been sharing so I wanted to give back. There are two great setups that a friend found I wanted to share on NYSE:REV and NYSE:EL . I don't know anything about the industry of women's makeup but I know when price action is beautiful!

Both of these had some great around-earnings price action that is a testament to how great trades can be found Before AND After earnings on stocks. STOP BUYING OPTIONS RIGHT BEFORE EARNINGS! The action you want to play is in the weeks BEFORE and AFTER earnings!

What makes price action a Beautiful setup to me is when the 50% Retracement lines up with past price inflections. Highs, lows, and gaps are fantastic to confirm Support and Resistance levels. EL demonstrates this beautifully!
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