EMC2 a.k.a Einsteinium is hiding a big surprise A bag of profits

After the beatiful rally last year december ,I think emc2 is ready for action.
It retraced as far it could.luckily is now over.We now phase called accumulation.Fill your baskets while emc2 is cheap.

this is what I found

Do you see the two fractals ,
If this patterns play out we going cash in

my first long term(1 month/2months could be longer fingers crossed )
0.0001000 btc

if this happend,and you made a tons of profits
a tip wouldn't hurt

ltc wallet

Comment: Update for EMC2:

The green line is a strong support,it's still holding we can expect that the price
slight brushes against the support.That's a clear sign that you can buy .Because look at this there will attempt to breach the strong resistance the yellow line.If decisively breach the strong resistance prepare yourself for a amazing ride.If the attemps fail you still profit very nicely because the resistance line is located at 4534 sats
from the currenct price you make about 116% profit which is nice .

What ever plays out win win

I will keep you updated ,you can request a coin if you want to.
I will look what I can do about it
Comment: this is my other scenario for emc2 ,
it's not pretty but ,you have to be prepared for everything.
So here we go

If wave E starts we need to abandon ship ,
So I will track the progress very carefully .
It varies with each cryptocurrency if the wave E is carried.Some coins do some coins don't so the question remains will emc2 skip wave E and proceed to breakout.I will keep you updated
Comment: my primary idea is this one
I would like think that we are at the end of the correction.
The finishing touches are being put on wave C.
I will keep you updated

my stoplos is around 1800 sats
Comment: The other idea I have is a lot grimmer but nonetheless
If wave D is completed and we progress to wave E things will become bloody .
Don't run ,wait the storm out and fill your baskets is my startegy.
I will keep you updated which pattern will play out coming days

until then peace out
Comment: this idea became a reality ,awarenes keeps the panic away
We just have to set out buy orders lowers.

I will give you a sign when we might have reach the bottom
the downtrend isn't over yet
if you like closely in the red circles you see the bollingerbands has been pierced.
What is means is we will go lower.I here by say ,abandon ship
and live to fight another day.

I will give a signal when hit the bottom
Comment: A postive side note

the rsi gives good news
emc2 is quite oversold
because it's under the that last line

look at this,after the rsi goes under the bottom line
the price goes to 4534.Assuming the bottom is at 1400 sats
you made around 220% which really good to hear

I will keep you updated
Comment: Emc2 will be greem for a short while before the drop.
Beware of that.
As they say awarness keeps the panic away

I will keep you updated
Comment: The drop will sound come
the last touches will be put on wave D
as I said don't get deceived with the fact that emc2 is green.

Daily updated on this one
Comment: Emc2 is beaitifully green but not for long now,
we will get the drop,

on the bollinger bands you it was pierced in the lower bottom twice or perhaps even more.The downtrend is still strong.Soon emc2 will in blood.
I ask you this is this the right time to time or sell?

Wait until the drops occurs and the buy,I will signal you
Comment: Correction: ingnore the first chart ,wrong coin
the correct one
Comment: this is a likely scenario
Wave D will be soon completed and we will switch to wave E
the drop will likely occur in a week and half (approximation,it could be little later or earlier).

We can expect drop to around 1380 sats.
The question is would je be buying right know?
Comment: the drop is near ,wave D is nearly compleet,
I will give you buy orders shortly
stay tuned ;)
Comment: A slightly litte changes to the idea.The drop will come but we won't go as low as 1400-1500 sats region . I think more 1600-1700 sats region is the drop destination.
We wait and see.A little touch on wave D and wave E will start
Here the updated version of my idea ,Enjoy
Comment: Wave D compleet wave E next
Comment: Things are progessing nicely
Wave E showed his teeth finally.
We're middle of it.I will give shortly my buy orders
Trade active: Hmmm Wave E done?

I think so ,we won't go much lower .
we can load more before the next run of emc2.
We going to the 2200 sats region
20% profit,not bad
Comment: Wave E is on his knees :)
The last touches are being put on it!
Look at that spice, 2257 sats ,not bad,
the rsi is point upwards again ,
I will give you my buy signal shortly
Comment: There is good news and bad news,

let's begin with the bad news
emc2 is going to be delisted from poloniex,

the good news is emc2 will survice this
and we will see our rise not on this exchange but on bitrex
or perhaps binance in the near future

meanhwile you could withdrawy your emc2
and store in the offial wallte of emc2
in this link:


Thanks @Sir_DURZO for the update ... really appreciate it
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@Badrs7 There is an opportunity when there is blood on the street give this trade a look ;)
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bosamfo Sir_DURZO
@Sir_DURZO, very true and wise saying
EMC2 is going to start a croudfunding platform soon, so... depends on BTC swings still :p
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Sir_DURZO tojestmihciu
@tojestmihciu, Damn I didn't know.Thx for the input.Things are becoming interesting ;)
I hope btc behaves ,it driving the alts crazy, but at the bright cheap alts
Sir Durzo what is stoploss. 1920?
OksijencodeOksijencode OksijencodeOksijencode
Now going down and dont see any buy
Sir_DURZO OksijencodeOksijencode
@OksijencodeOksijencode, I will analyze what's going on ,I will tag you then
Sir_DURZO OksijencodeOksijencode
@OksijencodeOksijencode, My stoploss is 1800 if you want you could do stoploss 1900.
If bitcoin just behaves and doesn't the drives the alt crazy we will be good
@Sir_DURZO, Thank you sir