EOS BTC after long time Bullish sign

Hello Friends,

Please find my trade on EOS .

EOS is recently holding the 0.0007000 -0.00077 for last 6 weeks. Considering the below I am taking a the trade.

1) Weekly support zone .
2) Price is making the Higher high.
3) Volume is pretty decent. (26M)

Entry: 0.0008930 / After a decisive break of 0.0009600 (Recent High)

Sl: below 0.0007000 ( 25% Risk)

Targets: 200%-300% with market support and much more.

Please note: Trade with Strict sl because complete rally can be a trap.

Disclaimer: Please note this is my trade and sharing my trade. It is completely your wish to trade. Please post your comments for discussion.

Comment: Almost 45 days completed, but no upside. Some of the coins severely testing the patience.

But notice that, the price range is getting close and close. Time to breakout anytime.