EOS: BREAK! 10% Already!

I just mentioned my EOS short play -that I was showing you off in all the analyses since Sunday- in the LTC analysis already:

But why did I play EOS /LTC/ETH on this short break specifically?

I didn't know, if EOS or LTC was going to make the race to the bottom. Why did I mix in ETH additionally? Just because of the cleaner levels. Since all of them are in bear flags/crashing against BTC, it was a no-brainer to play them to the bottom.

But I left XRP or BCH out, because of 'political' reasons. BCH has people like Roger Ver or Craig Wright behind them: anytime you can expect those guys to manipulate stuff.

The same is true for XRP: Anytime the company could go ahead with a very natural tripling like in 2018 when we had touched 25, to basically save the level.

Conclusio: I went with the rather unpolitical candidates here, which also have a large enough market cap for my account size to easily move in & out. If grandpa BTC keeps going down, we'll have very good potential to reach the target of 3 Dollars psychological.

What is amazing is: we literally had the same amount of consolidation before the previous clean bottom break of the Descending Triangle:

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