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COINBASE:ETCUSD   Ethereum Classic / U.S. Dollar
The seeds of a crop are harvested. (12$)
It is Planted in the Ground. ( 4$)
It is watered regularly for 1 month. And it is observed that it grows. (7-10-14$)
When it is seen growing, it is carefully sprayed and irrigation is continued. (19-21-28-36-41-51)

Those who grow up early, of course, they are picked early. ( 25$)

Watering is continued. and it can be seen that as time passes more and more fruit will be given. (29-33-44-52-69-101-141$)
the more fruit ambition increases, the more watered. But it does not appear to bear fruit (179$)

Before this tree grows in full, everyone will want to pick a fruit. (129$-141$-170$-190$-204$-214$-228$-236$-298$)

After the tree grows, all of those fruits will be yours. 800-1000-1240-1340$
We will harvest and plant again. 400$-500$-650-700$

Collect early growing fruit strictly.
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Our proprietary software, Tom, which is based on money entry and exit, has nothing to do with mark. It is a different type of analysis.
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it is not investment advice.