ETC 1676.76$ Math Calculation! + Magneto + Berlin Update.

HUOBI:ETCUSDT   Ethereum Classic / Tether USD
Increasing mining will definitely increase the price. Now is the time to mine Ethereum Classic. Mining If the companies do not get into this business, we will buy the companies.

BİTCOİN= 89000$
ETHEREUM = BTC*0.12= 10680$

ETHEREUM CLASSİC = BTC* 0.0082180 = 731$
or ETC/ ETH { 2017/10/13}
1 eth = 1 etc = 1 etc is valid.

Let's go back to the past. How many ethereum did 1 etc see?
1 eth = 1 etc

so actually the top of etc is ethereum

When we calculate based on Eth and Etc miners

ETH * 0.157 = example 2346(ETH Price) *0.157(Mining Hash/Rate 13.06.21) =368.32 ,4375*0.157=686.87 , 10680*0.157=1676.76

All cryptocurrencies are shaped by bitcoin nowadays. Until this is broken, we will calculate the trend against bitcoin .

Contrary to popular belief, cryptocurrencies are indexed to bitcoin .

Definitely $, , £ etc. is not.

All coins are based on bitcoin .
#Ethereum is shaped by #Bitcoin.
Ethereum Classic is also shaped by Ethereum .
All tokens are based on Ethereum .

Magneto and Berlin Update

Let's remember Ethereum's berlin update.
I will explain in terms of price.

What happens if a very fast monetary system arrives?

Unlike banks, crypto technology has taken flight.

software developers discover new methods, new trends, new connections every day.

It is nothing but a piece of paper printed by the States. It's a contract, a smart contract. It provides smart contract on Ethereum on Ethereum Classic.