ETH/BTC - Flippening ... What Flippening ???

COINBASE:ETHBTC   Ethereum / Bitcoin
My analysis of the ETHBTC chart suggests that there will be no Flippening, neither soon nor ever, an idea which I hope you will challenge with tough questions. After all, this venue exists to arouse the reverse-engineers and to provoke the thinkers to do what we do best.

As always, I strive to render these ideas of mine so obviously that their explanation will require no words, and this forecast is no exception.

Although my trading tactics - including the beauty of Tradingview and how it makes me look good - are based on identifying the opportunities within VOLUME, VOLATILITY and TREND EXHAUSTION, this is not a trade, per se, but the consummation of my understanding of the future of Ethereum as a "commodity".

Furthermore, I am preparing the charts of XRP/ETH and AMP/ETH as part of the complete analysis. Now that I have enough followers for live-streaming eligibility (many thanks!), I intend to do a recurring weekly show on prospecting within the cryptosphere, where those charts and others will be showcased regularly.

First, though, I have a few more ideas to upload as I update other key charts for the final Quarter of 2023.

Until then, be liquid !!!

Adrian Dyer,
Chief Strategist and Impresario at The Leading Indicator