Bitcoin and Ethereum

BINANCE:ETHBTC   Ethereum / Bitcoin
Bitcoin has found support at the 20 day exponential moving average . The number one crypto had got so far ahead of the mean averages, become so overbought, it took a drop of $9,735 in 3 days or $6,008 in one day to come into contact with this well known barometer of market sentiment and recent price action.

If Bitcoin were to go sideways trundling along this 20 Day EMA , this would be a bullish sign that Bitcoin has not finished the rally and uptrend which negan when Bitcoin was $10,377 right at the beginning of Q4.

Notably, Bitcoin has perfectly retraced to the 78.6% Fibonacci level on the hourly chart and is having difficulty breaking back above the 200 hour moving average, which is bearish .

Ethereum has also retraced having also got so far ahead of itself. Ether has not quite reached the 20DayEMA and is also struggling to overcome the 200 hour moving average on the way back up.

In the crypto market overall - this is a very healthy pullback. Much needed for strength in the market going forward.

The ETH/BTC chart is "the" most interesting to me. Zooming out Ethereum remains hugely undervalued in terms of its worth in Bitcoin . Currently sitting at 0.031 I target the highs of 0.040 we had in August as an intermediate target. However, I see huge upside potential here. 0.050 is possible in the short term. Although, why would the May 2018 highs of 0.085 be out of the question.

This is massively bullish for Ethereum .
At my educators, Blockgeeks, we are like a sister company of Ethereum's. Our courses are based on learning smart contracts on Ethereum .
Supply chain Blockchain is Etherem.
Real Estate Blockchain is Ethereum .
Medical Blockchain Ethereum .
Worth also noting, all the platforms with any credence all began on Ethereum .
This is tech of the highest possible calibre.
This is the Google of the DOTCOM the 2018 bear market most active Git-Hub