ETHUSD(4Hr) : ETH looking to hover before falling down

BITSTAMP:ETHUSD   Ethereum / U.S. Dollar
Market in the last 24hrs
ETHUSD saw a slightly bullish trend and the price went from the lower Bollinger band to the upper Bollinger band . Price volatility has been low. Trading volume in the last 24 hours has been on the lower side of the spectrum which might indicate the uncertainty among investors about the market.

Today’s Trend analysis
The price is touching the upper Bollinger band and is moving along the same. ETHUSD is expected to continue and move in a consolidated momentum. There is also a very likely scenario that ETH accepts the upper Bollinger band as a resistance line and then start a bearish trend from there.

Price volatility remained high at approximately 8.8%, with the day's range between $2307— $2510.
Price at the time of publishing: $2483
ETH's market cap: $291 Billion

However, the Indicator summary is giving a 'BUY' signal on ETHUSD .
Out of 11 Oscillator indicators, 1 is giving a SELL signal, 8 are neutral and 2 are giving a BUY signal.

Out of 15 Moving average indicators, 6 are giving a SELL signal, 1 is neutral and 8 are giving a BUY signal.

Volumes have remained low in the past 24 hours.

The analysis is based on signals from 26 technical indicators, out of which 15 are moving averages and the remaining 11 are oscillators. These indicator values are calculated using 4Hr candles.

Note: Above analysis would hold if we do not encounter a sudden jump in trade volume .


Any feedback and suggestions would help in further improving the analysis!
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where can i find the oscillator Indicators ( buy,sell, neutral)?
here on tradingview?
Great analysis🔥
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Mudrex kenneths
@kenneths, Thanks glad you liked it.
You can go to the ticker overview for a particular exchange there you will find the technicals which have those details and you can also continue to follow us as well, we release these types of analysis every day
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awesome thanks for sharing I agree
So you’re saying no 3K soon? Good chart though!