ETH shorting in vertical PA

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Enjoying the PA on ETH latley. Plenty of moves to be made. Looking at 1700 area to see if bull trend holds. Currently bear bias until then. But could be a good cheesy long at the target zone. No advice just playing some margin casino.
Comment: just food for thought if we did top for now and btc tanks. .618 target
Comment: amazing targets hit guys! Time for that cheesy long play. Great entry at 1650


I think the 1110 target is overkill, but the 1700 is realistic. Ether way, I would buy both cause this rocket is not anywhere near done. We have many months left of this bull run and I don't think we are gonna get a 90% retrace like everyone is expecting. Easy way to win here, buy and hold. I don't wanna see you and crofi end up like rektdura.
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Hyperg Tadouh
@Tadouh, appreciate the 2 cents!!! Definitely want to try that 1700 area. Could get lucky and see a rise to 2500+ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 thanks
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if btc is not major pull back then ETH will not go back to 1200 level i think. nearly possible....
Hyperg skyfall1492
@skyfall1492, agreed. Btc would have to tank for the bull trend on eth to breakdown.