COINBASE:ETHUSD   Ethereum / U.S. Dollar
- possible trend decision timeline
->MACD's look like they are at a critical point aswell, after they have been in a tight range for a long time
-300$ has been a High with 2 big inverted hammers, signaling that the price was rejected quickly.
-we have had a quick run up to 316 and after bulls got exhausted we immediately dropped to 300, signaling another confirmation for price ( red hammer candle after the green one)
-the market doesnt seem to be accepting anything highger than 300 § for a pretty long time (2 of 5 days of the initial big spike from 220§)
->considering this the next 4 hourly candle will more likely direct the trend downwards to the red trend line , otherwise we would need a big spike in volume .
You can easily confirm this by zooming out and taking a quick look at the overall decreasing volume
-when you zoom in into 5. august (T-5) you see the First volume-trend-line decreasing
-Zooming in into the 8th of August and drawing another volume-trend-ine shows a steeper line, which indicates volume decreasing more quickly than during the rest of the upwards trend