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What up traders !!! So I wanted to follow up with you guys and let you all know that my analysis still stands !! I feel that this is indeed a trend reversal,
but the bears are making it very hard! There taking each wave 2 very deep into wave 1. I've received a few messages saying " Oh looks like your analysis is wrong, nice try". As I said in my last analysis, initial wave 2's always retrace the deepest into wave 1. I think $80 bucks from $1400 speaks for itself. I think
$117 from $362 speaks for itself. Some people are saying we are in a wave 4 right now and that we are entering an ABCDE descending triangle . LOL, that's the biggest bunch of horse shiit I've ever heard! That would mean that wave 5 will bring us to like ( -$250 ) per Ether. What I have done for you guys is label some
targets in the short term using fibonacci extensions and retracements of where I think this bitch might be going. You should all know that I'm not Houdini and
could be wrong sometimes, but I feel confidant in my analysis. This is not trading advice and I'm not your financial adviser, this is just the way I see things and
just thought I would share my idea's with you all. If I'm wrong, I took a shot !! Please make your own decisions and set your fucking stop losses like you should. Later Traders !!!


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