Babysitting Baby Bitcoin- also known as Ethereum GO LONG

DutchBoyzDynasty Updated   
My chart clearly shows not 1, not 2, but 3 inverse head and shoulders on the way up for Ethereum, with a 20+% boost in price, and a step up in the average trading price, similar to Bitcoin , but it took Bitcoin a lot longe rto reach the price Ethereum currently sits at. I have nothing against Bitcoin, but knowing what I know now about each company/coin/blockchain/platform, etc, ETH will pass Bitcoin in the very near future (within 2 - 3 years I predict). Let's hope I am right because that would officially change my life....let me know what you guys think. Should we be looking for another, or does it matter? I think you buy and hold anyway with ETH because no matter what fluctuations happen, because we all know there is always down turns along the way.....She isn't showing signs of relinquishing this bull rally just yet.....
Once again, just a baby at this guys, but I am working my tale off to take all this info in, and get caught up. I want to make my own way doing my own thing, and the fact that everyone around me doesnt think it can be done when I know it can.....is more motivation, so please any pros with advice, I am all-ears, thanks guys!

Really, when I said three times on the chart, I forgot to count the most important one, the last one that seems to be saying another climb is on the way...so 4, sorry.
Wow was I wrong about several of these but hey, this was a little while back and one learns a lot...these could have also been triple bottoms but not having the time to look any deeper, it was clearly bullish then....Need my Bulls now


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