ETH/USD giving mixed signals

KRAKEN:ETHUSD   Ethereum / U.S. Dollar
ETH is currently at a crucial point on the RSI , completely in over bought terrority and looking at the past to give us an indicator on the present ETH at these levels normally Indictate an incoming bearish move, however 10-30% drops are very normal and in infact healthy In a bull market.

On the other hand if ETH decides to ignore all indicators and continue its rise the next target will be around the mid $1300 (yellow line on the chart)

Stay safe trading.

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what would be an ideal buy rate? below 1150?
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I agree with your ideal buy rate.But I think it's too late for entry!
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Samsung it hit the 20 ema on the 4hr social hope you took the call and loaded your bag.
The 20 and 50 ema would be great dip buying opportunities if eth gives us the chance.
DietMondo1 Ryecatcher
@Ryecatcher how long you think it would take to be stable at 1300
Ryecatcher Ryecatcher
What do you mean by stable