Trading is so SIMPLE!

FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
Take a look at this chart and tell me what is so hard to understand about it? Clean, clear chart with no indicators on it yet a lovely trade that for me is currently running +30 pips with my SL at break even making this a totally RISK FREE trade.

So all i was looking for was the 4th touch of this trend line to break through... this happened, then i was waiting for price to come back upto this level and re test it a resistance... which it did, so then i jumped on the sell which as explained is currently in profit and running RISK FREE.

I really dont know why people over complicate things, it is probably to do with the way we are programmed at a young age from the corrupt school systems here in the UK who teach you that you have to work hard, go to University so you can come out with £1000s of debt hanging over your head with a qualification that means nothing at all so you end up working in McDonalds anyway.

So just take some time and clear your charts of all them nasty indicators, i mean 1 or 2 indicators that work for you are fine but i can garantee that half of these indicators and tools were just invented to confuse people on purpose into loosing money :P

Your welcome.