V1:T8_Quick EURUSD Scalp Long_Hourly.

OANDA:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
Goodmorning Traders,

I know I said I was going to wait until Tuesday to place trades but here I am two trades open already into the week. It snowed this morning so I got out of work allowing me to have some time to play around with some day trades. Walking in the market was pushing down and it almost always reverses on trick morning/days like today.

That being said when I get a chance like this I like to enjoy myself as a trader more than I desire profits. On both positions I have taken this week so far I have taken .5% of account balance, knowing they were sporadic trades that do not adhere to the trading plan. I'm just having fun.

Like I say, I just wanna be in the market and watch it for the day. Its my personal preference this week. Don't take this trade if your not comfortable with a loss.

Entry BUY @ 1.22920
TP @1.23390
SL@ 1.22650


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Trade closed manually: 1.22950 trailed. Tagged out at 8:30. +4.7 pips
Comment: out on the open. Kinda wish i didn't trail so tight but you know how it is. Lets see what the market wants now.
Comment: Almost re entered but did not. Look at price pop off the level this time!
Comment: I apologize the Target is suppose to be 1.23290. So we risked 27 pips to make 37 pips.
Comment: Target not quite hit by lunchtime. But close enough, I would close this day trade, had I not gotten take out with the trailing stop already. Another winning idea. Cheers!