Potential long EURUSD wave from highlighted levels

FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
Orange lines - daily wave, classic ABC continuation
Green/Red lines - h1 exhaustion trading levels for the daily C point
Magenta lines - m15 exhaustion trading levels for low time-frame reactions

1.1765 is the last h1 model driven reversal point for the current daily wave down. It is also closely related to a 0.236 retracement of the previous daily wave up.
A 1.1700 test can occur but it is not a requirement for a valid long signal which should occur in the next 48 hours.
An h1 extreme candle is also about to be confirmed.
If you follow the forex chat room we post some of the low time-frame entries we take using a rule based approach in order to generate risk-free trades as soon as possible.

Comment: h1 extreme candle and m15 position building level
signals pending - attempt 2
Trade active: valid h1 signal printed for attempt 2
Comment: 2 positions @ 1% account equity each, sl more or less 100 pips per position
Comment: After some additional consideration, 2 position @1% each sets up the risk too high. Sitting on +30 now, reducing the risk profile to 2 h1 positions @ 0.5% each. An alternate course of action would be setting the SL for one position to BE - however this action will reduce the risk to 1%, while the 1st option reduces the risk from 1% (100 pips) to 0.7% (70 pips).
Comment: 1-1 RR should be the BE point but early BE here based on m15
risk free trades are a bit more relaxing
Comment: 1-1 RR hit for 100 pips
tp1 should be 2-1 RR but you guys can't take it from here
Comment: you guys CAN* take it from here :)
Trade closed: target reached: position 1 is done, 1.75-1RR
Comment: updated target for long position 2 into the next short (1847)
Comment: clearer chart
Comment: final version with updated m15 reversal level
300 pips is ok for pos 2 with 3-1RR
Trade closed: target reached
Comment: Outcome: 475 pips on 2 positions, account return 3*0.5%+1.75*0.5%=2.375%
Comment: sorry for the error double post
long reaction levels
Comment: 1612 inflection
Comment: 1580 continuation
Comment: continuation position
Comment: over 1-1RR close to +80
tp continuation ok
Comment: continuation position 2
Comment: risk management, partial profit continuation 2
Comment: small 1641 continuation today, long side essentially loaded up, no chasing beyond this point

Comment: long partial profit taking level
Comment: looking for partial risk continuation 3 1665
Comment: profit taking level 2, entering short setup territory
final h1 tp -> short 1830-1837
Comment: updated forecast from the short setup territory
Comment: 0.25%-0.5% pos
Comment: management and partial
i keep getting my work erased...