Evolution of the collapse of the United States

"Perma bears are ridiculous" 🤡 Honk Honk

Brace yourselves for the "no one could have predicted this" 🤮

Going to update on the destruction, and economic & monetary consequences, I wonder if China will want to keep holding onto the USD...

"America is CHRONICALLY ILL with racism, Beijing proclaims". LOL China adding fuel to the fire go figure. I'm dying 😂. It's so childish. China and Russia must be celebrating rn.
I'll call the USA racist too when I go short, well I already am via USDMXN but this is short term and the usd collapse prob comes much later.

DC is in blackout now, protestors are not able to use phones or the internet to organise a coup anymore.
I doubt they had the intelligence to prepare walkie talkies.
It's of course making Trump look bad. Every one focussing on Trump as if the individual himself is important.

Half of the USA hold 1% of the wealth.
When the USA used their reserve currency status to increase their wealth, I think they forgot a few people lol.
The wealth of the bottom 20% is negative they're all in debt (to banks not to Trump). No one has protested against banks or the FED.

Income distribution in west europe is pretty chill, and it has been stagnating or getting more equal (despite all the immigration making it worse) in the past 20 years.
The USA of course have kept getting worse at a fast rate.

Here is the income distribution for the Netherlands, most countries are on this site:

Wealth distribution in west europe is much much better than in the USA, for now (and since the USA are burning let's stop following their example), and it's one of the most equal places on earth.

Raising taxes doesn't work that well, I mean it works but up to a point, it's not a magic solve everything thing:
"The impact of direct taxes in reducing income inequality, as demonstrated by the gap between the Gini coefficients of disposable and gross, is larger for years where there is a top income adjustment. This reflects the fact that the top income adjustment increases the income of the richest individuals and therefore also the amount of tax paid."

And even if you taxed at 99%, assuming it works as they expect, then what? The top 1% control everything earn everything, and then all they have gets taxed by an all powerful government that throw it as they wish to (the army) 99% of the country on welfare (no, the army like Maduro).
Every one doesn't want to be a loser totally dependant on the government (what is left after the army's cut).

There is a video of a black man in handcuffs with a dog holding his arm.
The dog won't let go (racist dog).
The man in cuffs keeps saying he is comfortable.
The police is so terrified of doing "brutality" they are desperate to pull the dog away and hurting the man.
He should be allright, he said he was comfortable, if the dog was biting really hard we'd know.
Is that dog going to court? Man I hope they don't euthanize the poor fellah. Or the dog.

Diversity ... consists of minority groups explaining how they have been injured by the majority, even though this is a tactic for minority groups to overthrow the majority.

A group wants anarchism, a group wants a certain minority that's not them to get persecuted, a group has no brain, a group is angry and wants "something", a group has guilt, a group is sheep, a group is looking for votes or popularity.
It's an attack on capitalism... They don't care about being wealthy, they want every one to be poor.

Also seing lots of people ask for more violence "burn it down", then cry when it happens next to their home. HAHA!
There's been marxists yelling "eat the rich" around Hollywood. Irony...

Hard times create strong men
Strong men create good times
Good times create weak men
Weak men creat hard times

The country created university inflation , both in the need for a diploma, and in the prices (universities kept raising prices since loans were guaranteed).
Governments were looking for a few votes from students "hey you won't have to work during the summer to pay for university if you vote for me".
You need a master degree to flip burgers almost now, 1 century ago the greatest economists investors etc had a bachelor degree or even nothing...

To all the clowns that cried victory after QE in the 2010s "woohoo we fixed the banking crisis and solved the recession", NOW is your time to feel stupid.
Now is when it all begins, now is when I start rubbing it in your faces. Remember when you called us ridiculous perma bears? This did not age well.
Good luck avoiding a 10% GDP contraction, the definition for a depression to force people in denial to admit it.
"At the top of the bull market bears were ridiculed".

The USA are going to burn from the inside and west europe will just chill. Hey does this mean migrants will avoid the USA all all come to Europe? Rip.

University professors are sending instructions on how to topple monuments and official buildings...

Maybe crippling an entire generation with debt & sending them all to marxist institutions was not the brighest idea?
Maybe holding ridiculously low rates to help the rich get richer at the expense of the 90% was not the brightest idea?
Comment: National Poll:

"Calling in the U.S. military to supplement city police forces":

Support 58%
Oppose 30%


The protest spread to Europe but for now they're not destroying everything just virtue signaling. I don't think they'll start WW3 like in the USA. They'll probably be some violence but not like what the USA are seeing.

The racist club gained +4500% new members these last few days, they're everywhere.
I am sure every one will act all surprised, or just say "aha! see!" self fulfilling prophecy.

Plenty of police officers got hurt or killed. Rioters same.
Saw a group of dozens of black (protestors?) half dead on the ground after being ran over by a truck.

There are gunfights everywhere.

CNN and Hollywood etc are still defending the rioters.
Big companies virtue signaling. Apple music replaced its search engine by a forced black music playlist ending with the song "F* da police". "Beautiful".
Trump calling in the army.

Are "visionary buy when there is blood in the street" going to want to invest when the entire USA are in ruins?

Important to be aware that it is not the first time the military is called to maintain order, happened plenty of times before during riots INCLUDING to quell discontent about black students entering white universities (you just know it's the same people that are "protesting" today and they used the same arguments).
Comment: The media "the military does not want to fight their people"
The polls: 66% of military support sending in the troops, 27% oppose.

Afroamericans support using the military to address protests and demonstrations in dozens of US cities at 37%, oppose at 49%

People haven't figured out it's not a black/white thing but an urban/rural+suburbs one. The vast majority of blacks live in urban areas and have a wealth of 0 like alot of urban people and vote progressivism.

71% of polled americans support calling in the national guard. Silent majority...

Whole report here:

The doctor that did George Floyd independant autopsy (hired by the family) is a celebrity doctor that did the autopsy of... Jeffrey Epstein.
That's such a bad choice... Literally just pick ANYONE else...

"let's riot to end racism", meanwhile support for military action is at ath, racism is skyrocketing

I think a whole lot of people have shifted right.
And racism to the moon, go figure. "To end racism" ye that aged well.
Antifa being as successful as in 1932, big brains.

BUSTED! Democrat Rep. Engel Caught on Hot Mic Asking For a Turn to Speak at George Floyd Presser, 'If I Didn't Have a Primary, I Wouldn't Care'

Plenty of riot supporting idiots end up hurt killed or get their windows broken, I crack up each time I see them panic and yell "but we're on your side", karma.

Haha Trump tweeted a fox news interview where someone was getting angry and saying George Soros was behind it and was a threat to our civilisation.
Niger Innis, which is black. Better to just avoid calling him by his name o.0.

Interviewer: "With your godfather you pretended to be christian and confiscated property from the jews. That would send alot of people to the psychiatric ward for many years, was that difficult at all?"
GS: Pause. Smiles. "Not... No, not at all"
Interviewer: "No feeling of guilt, nothing"
GS: "No" ... "Actually it's like markets if I wasn't here someone else would do it"
Interviewer: "Are you religious? Do you believe in god?"
GS: "No. No"

At another time: "It was actually probably the happiest year of my life, that year of NAZI occupation. For me it was a very positive experience."


What is wrong with this guy? And he SMILES. Does he have autism because they sort of ignore emotions, they don't understand or care about others suffering at least they have no emotional reaction to it. Not sure if they smile in situations like this thought.
Nah but it's so insane of course every one think he is so sick.
Making speculators look real real bad...
For me my bets are hedged there are so many countries I can go to kek.
I'm not wagecucking that's for sure.

The biggest sociopath is the stock market going up on 50% GDP contraction, massive riots and destruction, and so on.

But I am almost sure the only buyers are stupid retail investors.
They're as dumb as GS is bad at communicating.

On robintrack I can see the curve of #Holders for the top holdings is flattening.
Running out of gas...

Not interesting in shorting yet, want to see the market run out of idiots first.
Comment: A coup in California very soon is not impossible.

I'll update later.
Comment: Twitter first result when you type "racist" is Donald Trump lmao. Children.

Minneapolis friday are voting to disolve the police gg.

Hilary is finally ordered by a judged to sit under oath for a deposition.

Trump is obsessing over what he did for blacks.

Malik Obama (the brother) is posting videos of Biden being old, and endorsing Trump.

The Lancet that published a weird study bashing Chloroquine removed the article.

Expose Antifa got trending, and twitter removed it from the USA. They prop up BLM.

Twitter Instagram Facebook have a little too much power.

"Autopsies are an excuse for whites to get away with killing blacks" Dumbest thing I ever heard.

2 Million First-Time Gun Owners in First Half of 2020 Alone :)

BLM "protests" have vandalized alot of synagogues and kosher stores. Rip, nice try.

The best and the brightest, Hollywood actors, continue being useful idiots no matter what.

Public health experts have called "white supremacy a lethal public health issue that contributes to COVID-19.

There have been some fake national guards being spotted at various places.

Women are shaving their heads for Black Lies Matter.

New York has 0 covid-19 deaths now lmao. ZERO. Now that so many are rioting outside.

Demonized group Infowars have infiltrated Antifa, and yes they are organised and a terrorist group.

Portland superintendent says he’s ‘discontinuing’ presence of armed police officers in schools.

They have started to remove the police everywhere in preparation for their revolution.
Comment: Peaceful joggers attacked a children Hospital in Houston, terrorized a young child, and when the child got in a car they threw bricks at it, destroying the windshield.

I'm sure this won't make anyone angry.
Comment: Libertarian/Republican senator Mike lee: "Just heard that Mayor Bowser is kicking the Utah National Guard out of all DC hotels tomorrow. More than 1200 troops from 10 states are being evicted. This is unacceptable."
Comment: Following events is too addictive. It's pretty historical and I waited for this moment so long, but is it really necessary to follow every little detail? I'm no historian...

James Woods commenting on national guard kneeling: "Such a dangerous precedent. For liberals with an IQ of 9, let me make it simple: imagine your local Guard takes a knee for the KKK, to use a horrid scenario. All of a sudden it’s not so great to allow our military to engage in political gestures, is it?"

Didier Raoult (Hydroxychloroquine) to cocky dumb journalists that told him he had megalomania: "Sush! Be silent! You asked me a question I am going to answer" "I am a super star of infectious disease my accomplishments get people dreaming" "Those that talk of megalomania are simply incapable to see greatness. You could call De Gaulle or Churchill megalo. I am indiferent"
Journalists and some irrelevant french minister mocked him, they got cocky, they kept quoting the "big study", they told him he was wrong and acted superior.
And then the study authors said it was bs and removed it 🙃 THIS DID NOT AGE WELL. All these noobs got absolutely humiliated.
I myself quit biology my first year of high school, and still I was able to check those papers, and see when there is something wrong. No excuse.

I am so happy. And I just love how literally every one who is really smart just can't control themselves and calls the same people complete morons, for the same reasons, and has a huge ego (that they sometimes try to hide but always end up showing). Warms my heart.

BREAKING: Deleted Footage shows George Floyd resisting arrest while high on drugs.
Imagine my shock! (Right again)

I'm not making predictions about Obama Gate & Hilary emails but I know it's going to be great! 😆

Pretty amazing how often someone making "stupid crazy overly bearish conspiracy theories", always getting ridiculed and criticized by the sheep, can be right 🙂

The worse part about the scum that keeps being wrong, is they never learn, they never admit they were wrong, always making excuses and arguing when it's indefensible, so I sure am not going to hide my contempt for these creatures. Ego is good.

People in France are still all wearing masks. What is this? The media when told on social network that there now being 0 corohoax deaths while so many are rioting outside, a miracle!, go ahead and hide or delete the comments lol.

It's really 🍿 time. Living through idiocracy.
And the globalists replacing the negative term "New World Order" by "Happytalism", it sounds way worse! Hahaha.
All that's in their way is Trump and Putin I guess. If we have a world ruled by bankers and speculators I'll be at the top, I guess I can live with that.
If the people willingly riot, willingly vote for globalists, willingly accept "happytalism" then too bad, won't exhaust myself trying to help.

I should save all the occurences of smart people having contempt for stupid people, and/or acting out, having a big ego. So good.
Comment: Pentagon calling back active military, mayors and governors calling the national guard out of DC.
Tomorrow is planned a "definetely not storming" of the WH by 1 million "protestors".
Both Trump & Putin only have (if Trump wins) 4 more years to drain the swamp.
The military clearly is not under Trump control. It was a conspiracy theory when Trump called troops back home and more ended up in the middle east, but right now the pentagon calling in the troops just proves it... They cannot hide anymore.

Anyone find it weird that Louis de Bourbon - Legitimist pretender to the defunct French throne as Louis XX, is vice president of a bank... guess where. Come on guess. In Venezuela. Not going to go into a conspiracy theory, I only do that when I have enough proof to know I'll be able to say "told you so".

The deep state has existed since pretty much the french revolution, and all the US president that thought against it got assassinated.

Tomorrow could be a very important day. Saturday 07 June. Might as well learn that date now.

A banker run world under "happytalism" for a fairer and more stable society.
Ye sure. Let's give all the power to bankers. Don't like you? All assets frozen.
All you have left is physical gold but they can send their international troops and confiscate it. They can kill Bitcoin with a finger snap, and it's trash anyway, and won't do you much good if they control the whole world and throw you into some concentration camp.

If the US falls, West Europe won't do much, Macron Merkel Trudeau are too stupid to even see what's going on, just look at their reactions with covid, and just anything they do, they are so clueless, unlike Trump that acts stupid but you can tell it's all planned. Russia won't be able to defend the world, not even itself if all 'their' focus is turned on crushing it.

One thing they cannot take is your brain, you knowledge. Know how to trade and you can always start over almost no matter what.
You couldn't even go hide in the wild they'll find you.
What a world, absolute paranoid paradise.
Comment: The entire BUFFALO POLICE DEPARTMENT'S Emergency Response Team resigns in SUPPORT of suspended officers.

The shock team that ran over the 75 year old retard that blocked their path.

Been warning of this and warning to get your own guns and bunkers for years now.

Florida had a record number of new gun owners and new applications.
A bit late but better late than never.

At some point people are responsible for their own stupidy.
When they'll find out they got fooled it will be too late.
Comment: The pentagon disarmed DC guards, a decision made without the White House, and against Trump will.
I don't even need to update this anymore till a few days...
Comment: Jew kids called their carnival a "Justice for George Floyd" rally and now the NYPD cannot break it up.
Ye perfect & easy counter, just identify as whatever you want and make any event you want pretending it to be for a left approved cause. Lmao even at 8 yo they're taking advantage of the black pawns. They just don't care xd I doubt they have a very high opinion of the value of their lives.

Democrat Cities want to 'Defund Police'? The same police that are responsible for protecting Ballot boxes come election time?

Based Lil Wayne claims George Floyd’s Death Should Be Blamed On Black America.

I must have missed the chapter where Jesus pointed a gun @ a pregnant woman as they robbed the house & did Meth

From a BLM organiser:
"STOP generically telling us to VOTE in response to all of the police brutality we have right now.

Yes we should vote. But we have to be VERY specific.

Democrats, from top to bottom, are running the cities with the worst police brutality in America right now.

We voted for them."

I don't think he means voting republican.

Uber Eats stops charging delivery fees to black-owned restaurants
What could possibly go wrong?

Satan boss himself came and made a statement a few days ago, missed that one, "proudly" supporting the "peaceful protests", and criticizing a justice system that has "throughout our history failed communities of color".
They mourn that "too many african americans" have been murdered by cops (Soros doesn't read FBI stats?).

His dad was a globalist, he was a globalist, and now his son is a globalist fighting Trump, independant nations, and sanity.
They criticize governments for working on regulations protecting workers & consumers before "police brutality" hoax and the covid-19 now proven hoax.
They call the destruction of centuries old monuments "progress".

George Soros "The COVID-19 pandemic endangers the survival of our civilization, and we will not go back to where we were when it started. To counter the coronavirus, we must work together while safeguarding rights and liberties."

WORK TOGETHER. You know what that means. Oh btw, looks like 40 to 70% or more of europe & na population were immune before the outbreak by the way, before 2020. So mortality is really 0.12% of the 30-60% that were not immune to start with? "Threat to humanity".
As I said, which pissed simple minds off "it's just like the flu", actually as I said the flu is worse.
Comment: Blacks, that are now basically a praised and privileged master race, threatened to go to the diamond district, run by orthodox jews, and burn it down using gasoline which is cheap thanks to Trump.
The elites got overconfident during this pandemic, and pushed it with the riots.
And now they totally lost control and it's coming back to bite them in the butt.

Very wow, much surprise, wasn't predictable at all.
Comment: ANTIFA just cancelled their protest in Placerville, CA today when the Hell’s Angels said they would be meeting them there.

Haha! Cucks.
Comment: White cucks are cleaning black feet and begging for forgiveness now.
Just migrate to MENA or SEA or China if Europe enters a spectacular secular depression and civil superwar.
Clown World.
Comment: 18 murders in 24 hours in Chicago, the most violent day in 60 years :)
BlackVotesMatter declared war on the police a few days ago and are organising.
Several towns going ahead with defunding or abolishing police.
Sheep government in Europe taking boot licking measures, the non brainwashed population pissed.
A few days after licking police butts, this disgusting french minister is now licking protestors butts and said any police officer suspected of racism would get instantly suspended, how smart & fair. Meanwhile yellow vests have fought for 2 years and government send police to deal with them violently, and ignored all of their requests.
Comment: Police officers quitting, some forming a new private force, some getting pissed and committing acts of brutality.

Antifa has captured part of Seattle and declared it an autonomous zone, and barricated it. Under their control now. Question is, how much of the USA will do this? West coast + NE coast + the area around great lakes (Minnesota Chicago etc)?

The government has the predictive capacities of a potato.

Here is a document from the 90s from islamist on how they were planning to infiltrate North America then use protests:
Comment: BlackLivesMatter exposed as a money laundering scheme, fuelling international donations which are tax deductable & tax exempt, directly to the democrat party.

George Floyd and Derek Chauvin reportedly “bumped heads” while working security together at a nightclub years before their fatal encounter.

7-Sigma, manufacturer burned in riots, will leave Minneapolis.

Andrew Cuomo Complains That Looters Are Getting Out Of Jail — His Bail Reform Opened The Door. Big brain here.

Robinhooders heard everyone is buying FANG stocks and they rushed out and bought FANGDD, a Chinese company. $DUO from $10 to $130 in 4 hours

"Aaron Chalfin and Justin McCrary looked at a large set of police and crime data for midsize to large cities from 1960 to 2010 and concluded that every $1 spent on extra policing generates about $1.63 in social benefits, primarily through fewer murders"

The Los Angeles Police Department announced Tuesday that homicides in the city increased 250% over the previous week, and the number of people who were shot increased by 56% during the same period.
Wow, who could have seen this coming?

DeAnna’s Crystal Ball:
Wana take bets on how the rest of the year will go?

- Race Wars x 10
- Disband Police!
- Roll out the “army of Contact Tracers” who declare the new surg in COVID due to all the protests
- Lockdown again
- Mail-in ballots
- Trump wins
- fake Alien invasion

Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.

Great show, can't wait for the next episode 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿
Comment: After Antifa declared an autonomous free zone in Seattle, they now captured the city hall.
Councilmember Kshama Sawant Uses Key to Allow Protesters and Rioters Into Seattle City Hall. She has been calling Mayor Jenny Durkan to resign over”violence and brutality” by police in the town’s reaction to the”overwhelmingly peaceful” riots.
She is a socialist migrant that came to the US after 18, something only racists would point out.
Who needs an army when you can just enter a country and take over with no resistance?

I'm wondering, if theu remove the american flag and reject their nationality, basically this makes it an unrecognized state, and foreign invaders? Just send in the snipers kek.

West Europeans nature of feeling guilty & remorseful & virtuous used against them.
You got Saudi Arabia deporting Ethiopians and not letting any in, Iran is straight up burning Afghans alive, China is paranoid about ever letting anyone with dark skin in.
Only the west europe club is getting cucked. Their biggest weakness used against them.

A California college professor reportedly is being investigated for discrimination and under police protection after refusing a request to exempt black students from final exams in the wake of George Floyd's death. Got suspended then got death threats.
The absolute state of US universities.

Every one was wondering what the media new business model would be with all the internet competition, well found it!
Chinese Communist Party paying US newspapers MILLIONS per month to print Chinese propaganda.
There are some tables in here:

Saw a video, reporter got caught lying someone with a phone recorded him, and the reporter said he wasn't told what to do then he put a mask on just before recording by his crew and said he was told to put a mask on xd
Whole thing is hilarous.

I looked at some of the BLM donations to the DNC, they gave 186 millions to Bernie, and 120 to Biden.
So that's how they became big millionaires.

Antifa are marching with flags of a fist holding a snake, which is the exact same NAZI used (the snake is the capitalist jew), I don't think they are aware of this.
Or maybe they are lol who knows at that point?

Chicago Mayor Now Pleading With Walmart And Other Companies Not To Leave The City. HAHA!

Merriam Webster's dictionary is changing the definition of racism after a woman complained about it. 🤦🏻‍♂️
We'll see what they put in their definition, to include "systematic racism" that doesn't really exist but woooo very mysterious it is magically in the clouds you can't see it but it's here and there are no laws hence it is not systematic but it is because reasons, the clowns have also been saying "silence is racism", so I guess we're all racist now 🤷‍♂️
racism: Existing
Comment: Idiots pulled a statue on themselves and 1 "protestor" got hit on the head in Portsmouth, Virginia “We could see that his skull was actually showing” 😆
There are videos of it. Truly the dumbest people I have ever seen.

To confirm:
Floyd & Chauvin worked at the same club, that took part in money laundering activities, trafficking of women & children brought by illegal immigrants, evidence in the police station burned after the mayor, that was involved, ordered police not to defend it.

"I remember living in China in 1980s when Chinese intellectuals constantly talked about how Chinese GDP per capita is lower than Africa along w the idea Cultural Revolution seriously hampered China’s development for a decade. That anxiety fed into Tiananmen Protest in 1989."
China poorer than all of africa lmao. Now richer. Talk about shooting yourself in the feet.

Polish memory of deportation got cancelled, and poles are so mad

In China the premier admitted 40% of the population were broke and there might be tensions now.

The whole world is going to burn. Globalism = more herd mentality & mass delusions.

"Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one."

Commies are saying that destroying statues is the will of the people.
Only 13% in a YouGov poll supported an angry mob pulling down the statue.

Remember when Obama used drone strikes without trials on terrorists who were US citizens?
Remember when Obama created the anti terrorism act in 2012?
Now people are grabbing ANTIFA members and throwing them into unmarked cars haha.

The communist free autonomous zone is already facing predictable problems: They had to police someone and ended up beating him, a black guy by the way 🤣
They ran out of food in less than 24 hours and started begging for it, in particular soy products, and every one is laughing about it.

Lesbian head Of The BLM-Antifa “Autonomous Zone” Admits To Sexual Assault And Threatens Suicide, might be a prank can't tell anymore...

These people have mental illnesses, but are also very stupid as shown by their actions such as pulling a statue on themselves lmao.

Good guys woke culture are willing to take all the blame for the effects of the great depression, how nice of them :)

Hollywood has started to get cancelled, old movies, tarantino movies, going exactly as predicted. Hilarous.

People are saying this is like China cultural revolution, but the communists are not in power first thing, and there are plenty of checks and balances (for now), and the public really hates these wokes that are making themselves look bad, plus we have the internet now we can see what they do.
Not that likely to end like 1966 China imo, more likely to end up like Hungarian or Indonesian communist purges, or 1930s Germany.

These communists did more for the white supremacist & NAZI cause than anyone ever did...

Comment: Saw his skull, the guy that got hit by this statue they brought down, he really got destroyed. The confederate statue was clearly racist and took a black person down.

You can see bits of skull flying in the highest-res video someone said, and the victim started convulsing, but we'll see.

French communist party leader JLM has always said he was against tribalism, but sure, now that it benefits him "nevermind long live tribalism we need it because police is too mean". I used to sometimes watch his videos and listen to what he says, I guess I won't be anymore.

From 2011:
Billionaire George Soros 'slapped 28-year-old Brazilian ex-lover and tried to choke her after he refused to give her $1.9m Manhattan apartment'. They had a 5 year relationship, so... 23? wtf. 🤢

Sociopath. He had other girls 25% his age. Sick in my stomach.

Trump saying that the agitators were handled very easily by the Guard, D.C. Police, & S.S.
Can't tell if he is trolling, if he is it's beautiful.

Capital Hill Autonomous Zone have been there for 1 day and they're claiming victory and total success because they haven't starved or killed each other... after 1 day! "Haha huraay wwwwwoooo bears were wrong" 🧠🧠🧠🧠

“That guy that we threw into the gulag was hinting around at something like, ‘all whites aren’t racist’ and we can’t have that kind of talk around here,” one decentralized organizer named Josef said.

“People are saying that it was wrong to throw that guy in the gulag, but really, it’s just a reeducation camp, so it’s okay. He can leave once he understands what we’re doing here is just,” Josef added.

They made shitcrops just like in the movie idiocracy.
They have a leader that wears weird costumes and fires gun for fun, just like Terry Crews in the movie idiocracy.
Logic and reality does not work on them, just like in the movie idiocracy.

They made demands, including no police & no use of force, of course they then created a police and used force on day 1 XD

They have a psychopath dictator already, they can't do anything since he's black.

They demand a dismantelement of justice and to abolish prison and eveyr punishment, and they also demand justice for victims of abuse, because 200 IQ.

They are against borders, and also have picked up fences to put around their blocks to make their fence bigger and more impenetrable 🤦🏻‍♂️

They had a sign ready, but it wasn't planned of course, right?

"If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism"--Ronald Reagan (quoting someone)

Armed borders, assaults, gulags, a warlord, no ressources just concrete.
Looks like they're off to a great start, can't wait for more.

Comment: Riots have calmed down if I am correct, but tensions are still big, the divide did not stop, there is no going back now.

The sister of Kim Jong Un took advantage of the US being busy to attack a South Korea installation and make threats.
The North attack is a response to the South sending agents & propaganda news North.

There are tensions everywhere.

People in the middle, that weren't woke communists or fascists are being dragged into this mess, in particular big companies make it impossible for them to ignore it.

I've posted a new idea to continue watching this clownshow collapse.

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.


Crash and burn
+1 Reply
Still paying attention to the thread.
this will fix itself when the whole system resets...
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