📈EURUSD awaiting the FED decision

FX_IDC:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
We are waiting for FED's interest rate decision tomorrow.
This is the most important event right now.
Based on that a lot of trades are being taken and future moves are being determined.
That's why we recommend to not trade before such an important news.
Once we have a clear market direction, that's when we want to get involved.

What are the expectations and more likely scenarios?

EURUSD is still in a downtrend. As long as the pair doesn't go above 1,1880 that will remain unchanged.
Also, it's very likely that we will see price reaching 1,1840-50. This is an entry opportunity using a low risk.
If you will be doing that then make sure to wait for a push of the level and a reversal candle!

Everything will be clear after the news, therefore if you don't want to take on unnecessary risk just wait!

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