$EURUSD: Equinox Day - Elliott waves | Gann | Planetary Aspects

DXY has found resistance right at the Gann level of 93.437 USD, but we need further confirmation if EUR has made a low as well (inverse correlation).

EURUSD has a Gann level at 1.16910 which may provide support if one more bearish wave occurs.

It is possible to count an ABC correction from the top of 3 SEP. The current wave has retraced the previous wave very far, but it is permitted (and usual) for a wave 2.

A breach of the green trend line could give us a higher high, and we can then assume that the entire correction is complete. We may then prepare ideas for long exposure.

In the next days Jupiter will transit EUR natal South Node, with the closest orbit on 30 SEP. We shall watch out for (possibly bullish ) volatility expansion.

The FED meetings today and tomorrow may provide further catalyst for volatility and more directional clarity.

I recommend Steven Van Metre’s coverage on Evergrande on YouTube, as we need to keep an eye on debt default crises because they like to spiral out of control.


In my analyses I combine Elliott waves , Gann theory, and planetary aspects to identify turning points in the markets & derive high-probability trading ideas. The strategy is to build leveraged exposure when markets are likely to expand (momentum), and to use options premium decay for consistent income when markets may contract (range).

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